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Contract disputes: A threat to your business' well-being

Conflict is a common part of doing business. No matter the nature of your business, it is possible that you will at some point find yourself facing a dispute or disagreement over a contract. Any type of legal dispute is a threat to the financial well-being of your California business, and it is beneficial for you to work on a way to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

When the terms of a contract come into question or the other party does not adhere to his or her obligations according to the contact, you may be unsure of what you should do next. Business-related contract disputes are complex, but you do not have to navigate these concerns on your own.

A business' reputation for trustworthiness

There are many things business owners may want to take into account when dealing with legal issues connected to their business. This includes what impacts what happens when it comes to these issues could have on how much trust people have in their company. There are various ways that how a company acts in relation to a legal dispute or matter could affect its reputation, including its reputation for trustworthiness. Business lawyers can advise company owners on this issue.

Why does how trustworthy a company is held to be matter so much? Well, for one, we live in a world where commercial transactions can happen over great distances and can sometimes feel impersonal. In this environment, building a strong reputation for trustworthiness can be important for a business in forging and maintaining important relationships. This not only includes relationships with customers, but also relationships with other businesses a company works with, such as suppliers.

Report: California the 5th friendliest state for online companies

The internet has changed many things in our world. This includes the way people do business. It even gave rise to a whole new type of business: the online business.

There are all kinds of online companies out there these days. These companies have many unique aspects as compared to traditional brick-and-motor businesses.

Things that can impact sexual harassment policy effectiveness

Not all workplace sexual harassment policies are equal. They can vary greatly in how effective they prove to be.

One thing that can greatly impact such a policy’s effectiveness is how workers interpret the policy. Examples of the challenges that can come up related to employee interpretation of such policies can be seen in some recent research.

When a chain store closing happens near your business

A company can be greatly impacted by what happens with the businesses around it. For one, the closing of a nearby business could have implications for it. A recent news article went over some of the impacts the businesses in an area can experience when a chain store closes down in the area.

In some instances, a chain store closing down nearby could create difficulties for a business. For example, such a closing could lead to fewer shoppers being drawn to an area. This could put businesses in the area at risk of losing foot traffic or consumer visibility.

Is a limited liability company right for your new business?

With all of the choices and decisions you need to make when starting a new business, you could feel overwhelmed. Choosing a business structure may be at the top of your list since that structure will dictate numerous factors, situations and aspects of your company.

As a small business, others may be encouraging you to structure your business as a limited liability company, but no one can tell you exactly why. In order to make an informed decision, you need to know more about it, along with more about what it does for you and your business.

Avoiding brand-harming mistakes

The condition of a company’s brand can impact many things. It can affect the level of company pride among employees. It can impact the likelihood of current customers sticking with the company. It could also affect a business’ likelihood of attracting new customers.

So, a company’s overall well-being can be closely tied to the strength of its brand. Many things could impact the long-term strength of a business’s brand. So, it is very important for companies to pay close attention to brand issues when it comes to their overall business approach.

The importance of avoiding invoice mistakes

One very common activity for small businesses is sending out invoices in relation to goods or services provided to customers. It is important for companies to not let how common this activity is lead them to be complacent when it comes to their invoicing practices. Impactful mistakes can be made when a small business owner gives insufficient attention to these activities.

A recent Forbes article outlined 25 invoice mistakes that could hurt a business. These mistakes covered many things, including errors related to:

When a small business has just a handful of employees

Small businesses vary in many ways, including in the number of employees they have. Some have a very small workforce, with just a handful of employees.

Small workforce small businesses have many unique aspects, and thus can experience their own set of trends. One trend data points to is such companies having a particularly high survival rate. Data indicates that 62 percent of the around 3.7 million small businesses here in the U.S. that have a workforce of one to nine employees are more than five years old. This is a higher five-year survival rate than small companies with larger workforces.

Pay gap particularly big in the public sector?

Among the things it is critical for public entities to be careful in is their pay practices towards employees. One thing such organizations should make sure to avoid in such practices is conduct that could be viewed as discriminatory. Difficult legal situations can arise for public entities when they are accused of having engaged in pay discrimination against a worker based on gender or some other protected status.

When responding to allegations of pay discrimination, tailoring one’s response approach to the severity and complexity of the situation can be critical for a public entity. Skilled public entity lawyers understand what developing a well-tailored approach to such a situation involves and can assist public entities with this process.

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