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Pay gap particularly big in the public sector?

Among the things it is critical for public entities to be careful in is their pay practices towards employees. One thing such organizations should make sure to avoid in such practices is conduct that could be viewed as discriminatory. Difficult legal situations can arise for public entities when they are accused of having engaged in pay discrimination against a worker based on gender or some other protected status.

When responding to allegations of pay discrimination, tailoring one’s response approach to the severity and complexity of the situation can be critical for a public entity. Skilled public entity lawyers understand what developing a well-tailored approach to such a situation involves and can assist public entities with this process.

At-will employment still has its limits

Small business owners face many uncertainties. Unpredictable factors like the economy, competition and personal issues will always keep you guessing. However, every small business owner who has employees will most certainly face one thing in common: firing someone.

As unpleasant as it seems, sometimes you just have to let someone go. Maybe the employee is not performing well or hasn't been honest with you. Perhaps you are over on payroll and just need to lighten the load. Whatever the reason, terminating an employee is a delicate matter that you may wish to consider and plan for before the situation arises.

Interactions with other companies

Businesses do not operate in a vacuum. Rather, for most companies, there are all kinds of other businesses operating within their geographic area and within their company’s industry (or in connected or similar industries). A company’s interactions with these other businesses could have considerable impacts.

There are many different relationships a company could have with another business beyond a competitor relationship. For one, they could have a learning relationship. Companies sometimes turn to each other for insights on how to handle new or challenging aspects of running a business.

The importance of strong anti-discrimination policies for tech companies

The workplace environment at a company can be very impactful. If this environment becomes discriminatory, it can have all sorts of negative impacts for a company.

For one, it could lead to the business facing lawsuits. When a worker at a company believes that they were treated unfairly at work because of their race, gender or a similar factor, the company could end up having a workplace discrimination lawsuit brought against it.

Pursuing long-term success for a small business

A common goal for owners of new businesses is to have their company have success in the long run. How likely a small business is to have staying power can be affected by many things. This includes what steps a business owner takes when getting the business started. It also includes how an owner responds to the various issues and challenges that arise once the company is up and running.

There are a range of challenges that can be present for a company during its operations. Among the big challenges it is fairly common for small business owners to encounter in relation to their companies are challenges regarding:

  • Marketing.
  • Attracting and retaining customers.
  • Attracting the right workers for their business' needs.
  • Finding the right leadership strategy.
  • Funding.

Study raises questions on worker awareness of workplace vaping policies

A business' workplace policies can touch on many things. With the recent rise of e-cigarettes, one thing companies may be looking to include in their workplace policies are policies on employee vaping.

How clear are workers, generally, on their employer’s vaping policies? A recent study touched on this. In the study, over 300 workers who smoke or vape were polled on workplace vaping/smoking policies. The results from the survey suggest that it might be fairly common for workers to not have a clear idea of where their employer’s policies stand when it comes to vaping.

When considering closing a location

There are many measures a company might take in response to business struggles. If the business has multiple locations, one option it might consider is shutting down one of its locations to try to become leaner.

One thing it can be important for a company to carefully consider when weighing this option is whether a closing would actually help it address the problems it is facing.

Is your company following the law for religious rights?

Governor Edmund G. Brown signed into law the California Workplace Religious Freedom Act that became effective in 2013. The law prohibits religious discrimination in the workplace. If you are a business owner, you have probably had to rewrite company harassment and discrimination policies to suit.


The problems unapproved software can pose for public entities

Public entities can have a lot of sensitive data in their IT systems. When this data becomes compromised in a cyber attack, a public entity could find itself facing incredibly difficult legal situations.

For one, the organization could end up having legal actions brought against it by parties who claim to have suffered harm as a result of the data breach. When facing any type of litigation, a public entity may have many questions and concerns about how to navigate the situation. Attorneys skilled at public entity representation can help public entities that are facing litigation in their efforts to find the right strategy for addressing their situation.

Leave laws and workplace absence policies

Among the things a business may want a skilled attorney’s help with are its workplace policies. Many different types of employment-related policies can be very impactful for a business. This includes its policies regarding worker absences.

Properly taking leave laws into account can be incredibly important when it comes to absence policies. There are a wide range of leave laws that can be applicable for a company. This includes laws at the federal, state and local levels.

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