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How common is reliance on a single customer among small companies?

Among the things small businesses vary greatly in is what their revenue streams look like. Some small businesses get their revenue from a variety of different sources. Others have just a few sources. For example, there are some companies that get a major chunk of their business from just one customer.

How common is relying on a single customer for the bulk of one’s revenue among small businesses? A recent survey points to it being relatively common.

What to include in your partnership agreement

With any business venture, having the right paperwork in place could help lessen the likelihood of issues. If you hope to enter into a partnership in order to start a new business, creating a partnership agreement could better ensure that you and your future partners understand each other's expectations. With everyone on the same page, your operations may have a better chance of running smoothly.

If you have never entered into a partnership before, you could have questions about what to include in a partnership agreement. The exact terms could depend on your specific needs and desires from the business relationship, but some common terms often go into partnership contracts and could act as a solid starting point for the creation of your agreement.

Machine learning and the future of small business

For small business owners, thinking about the future can be important. Carefully considering what the future could be likely to hold for their company, their industry and how business is done in general could help a business with planning how to keep their business on the path towards their goals for it.

One of the things the future could see for small companies is new technologies playing a bigger and bigger role. One type of new technology that is already being directed towards various business applications and that could end up playing a big part in how businesses operate in the future is machine learning. This involves using AI technology to allow software to learn and improve with experience.

Will asking about salary history be banned in California?

Among the things the hiring process typically involves for a business owner is asking applicants a good deal of questions. This includes questions on the application and questions in any interviews conducted.

It can be critical for employers to give careful thought as to what sorts of questions they are going to ask job applicants. For one, what things they ask could impact the quality of the information they have for making hiring decisions. Also, there are certain things that employers are prohibited from asking applicants about. Asking prohibited questions to applicants could cause big legal problems for a business. So, legal guidance on what questions and other things it is important for them to avoid in their hiring procedures is something a business owner may want to seek out.

Being careful about hiring practices important for entrepreneurs

When you are starting a new business, among the things you may find yourself doing is hiring employees for your company. The hiring process is a very impactful one. What you do during this process could have major implications for your company’s future.

There are many reasons why exercising care and avoiding mistakes when it comes to one’s hiring practices is so important for an entrepreneur when getting a startup off the group.

Number of wineries in California up considerably

Each industry raises its own unique considerations for business owners in that industry.

For one, some industries have unique legal issues attached to them. Such issues could come up in connection to a variety of things, including a given industry being subject to special regulations in addition to those that apply to businesses in general. Experienced business lawyers can help company owners understand what legal issues are present for their business, given the industry the company is in and the other specifics of the business. They can also advise and guide business owners when it comes to addressing such matters.

Keeping a workplace from becoming hostile

When a hostile environment develops in a workplace, it can cause many harms. In addition to making things very hard for a company’s employees, it can also create significant problems for a company. For example, a hostile work environment can:

  • Significantly harm worker morale. This can have a variety of adverse effects on a company’s operations and productivity.
  • Cause a business to develop a reputation of being a bad place to work. This could cause quality employees to leave a company. It could also make recruiting quality workers very difficult.
  • Lead to significant legal troubles for a company. In some instances, allegations of a work environment becoming hostile could result in a company facing lawsuits from workers, such as sexual harassment lawsuits.

Is litigation the only way to resolve breach of contract issues?

Contracts are the lifeblood of the business world. They outline obligations between two parties, they protect the interests of everyone involved and they help avoid various types of legal complications. Contracts typically work well, up until the moment that they do not. If you are dealing with a breach of contract matter, you may be wondering what your next step should be.

There are many ways to approach a breach of contract. Many California businesses opt to litigate the matter to reach a beneficial resolution, but that is not always necessary. In fact, alternative dispute resolution offers you a better, possibly more effective way to deal with these matters. Mediation can help you stay out of the courtroom and save time, money and stress.

How hard is it to get a business loan in California?

One option for injecting money into one’s business is to get a business loan. However, it can be challenging getting approved for such a loan. A recent Biz2Credit study indicates a couple of things about the likelihood of being approved for a business loan here in California.

One is that California has one of the higher small business loan approval rates in the country. The study looked at over 50,000 business loan applications to determine the rates of the different states. The applications were from the past 12 months.

Concerns about cellphone-related distractions in the workplace

Technology can create new avenues for efficiency in the workplace. However, it can also present some worker productivity challenges for businesses. For example, some technologies can provide new routes for employees to get distracted and “slack off” at work.

Take smartphones for example. These days, it is incredibly common for a person to have their cellphone with them while working. Among the things some employees may be tempted to do with their cellphone while on the job is use it for non-work activities. This could include things like:

  • Checking their personal email.
  • Going onto social media.
  • Checking sports scores.
  • Playing games.
  • Shopping online.

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