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Guarding your trade secrets? Use these 3 strategies

You have spent countless hours building your business from the ground up. One important part of this was coming up with your trade secrets: The secret pieces of information that help your business stay a step ahead of competitors.

Trade secrets are some of a company’s most valuable resources. But all too often, the confidentiality of trade secrets may come under attack. A competitor my search for a way to replicate or steal them; a former employee may share them with another employer, or use them to start his own business. In an often-cutthroat business world, it is crucial to know a few solid strategies to protect your company’s trade secrets.

Can certain steps help your company avoid discrimination claims?

Running a business often proves challenging in most day-to-day aspects. From handling managerial duties, to dealing with customers, to delegating tasks to employees, many chances for conflict and contention exist. Of course, you likely have experience in dealing with these types of scenarios and do your best to deal with any issues in the most professional manner possible.

As part of your professional approach, you certainly felt the need to be proactive and plan ahead for potential situations that could cause trouble within your business. However, planning for every possible issue may seem unrealistic, and even with policies and protective measures in place, you could still wind up facing a problem with a disgruntled employee or former employee.

Arbitration vs. litigation for resolving business disputes

The details of every business dispute are unique. Each case will require its own unique method of resolution. There are several ways to go handle business disputes. Two of the most common are arbitration and litigation.

Arbitration and litigation are very different from one another. Whether you decide to arbitrate or litigate a business dispute will depend on individual circumstances.

Common reasons for a merger or acquisition

Acquiring and merging with another company is an enormous undertaking. There are myriad complex steps to be completed. It is a process that can be daunting for the businesses involved and their employees. It can also have major effects on the companies’ clients, vendors and partners.

Before you agree to a merger or acquisition, you should be sure that you are doing it for a good reason. The process is so byzantine that your justification for a merger or acquisition should be rock-solid. In this post, we will examine a few of the most common reasons for mergers and acquisitions.

What are the most common business insurance disputes?

There are several complex issues regarding business insurance that can result in disputes between the insurance company and the policyholder. These disputes often arise from minute details in a policy that are open to debate. And while every case is different, there are a few common issues that tend to cause disputes more often than others.

Business owners who are in the process of purchasing insurance would be wise to read about the common causes of commercial insurance disputes. If you are aware of some of the common issues that prompt disputes, it will be much easier for you, your attorney and your insurance provider to avoid them.

Orange County faces lawsuit over homeless encampment

A long-simmering dispute between Orange County public officials and advocates for the homeless is about to come to a head in court. On Tuesday, both sides will appear at a federal hearing for a lawsuit regarding the fate of a makeshift encampment of homeless Californians.

Law enforcement officials recently cracked down on Orange County’s homeless population, removing them from sidewalks, streets and other public areas. As a result, many homeless people settled in a makeshift encampment along a Santa Ana bike trail. Since January, county officials have attempted to shut down the encampment and oust its residents.

Strong employment contracts can help you avoid complications

As a California business owner, you know how complicated it can be to effectively navigate issues related to employee disputes and concerns. When facing these matters, your main concern is protecting your legal and financial interests and seeking a positive resolution in a timely manner. One of the ways you can shield your business against employee-related issues is through strong employment contracts.

Employee contracts are useful tools for many businesses. The legal needs of your company depend on the type of business you have, what you require of your employees and your objectives for your company. If you do not yet require employee contracts or currently only have verbal agreements, you may consider the benefits of this form of legal protection.

Exploring small business liability insurance plans, part 2

Small business owners understand the importance of liability insurance. Liability insurance can provide much-needed coverage for accidents, injuries or natural disasters. There are several different types of liability insurance, and choosing the best option is often confusing.

In our last post, we discussed three common types of liability insurance—general liability, workers’ compensation and professional liability. Today’s follow-up post will examine three more options for liability insurance that you may want to consider.

Exploring small business liability insurance plans, part 1

Insurance is crucial for protecting your small business from unexpected hazards. One of the most important types of insurance that small business owners should have is liability insurance. A liability insurance policy can protect you in the event that a customer, client or employee should have an accident on the premises or file a lawsuit against you.

When you are insurance-shopping, you will want to know the various types of liability insurance that are available to you. This two-part series on our blog will take a look at some of the most important types of small business liability insurance plans that you should know about.

Filing a wildfire-related insurance claim? Follow these tips

As if losing your property in the recent wildfires wasn’t enough, now you must file an insurance claim to recoup your damages. Filing an insurance claim may not be as harrowing as surviving a wildfire, but it is a tedious and often frustrating process that policyholders rarely enjoy. To make matters even more difficult, insurance companies do not always pay their clients a fair settlement.

Many consumers expect their insurance providers to come through and cover the full extent of wildfire-related damages, but this isn’t always the case. When you are filing your insurance claim, you should be aware that your insurance company may be looking for ways to reduce the payment they owe you. These are a few tips that you can use to help ensure that you get a fair insurance settlement.

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