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October 2016 Archives

Is it time to end your business partnership?

You know how it goes. Ever since you did group projects in school, you've always been the one who contributed the most. Now, you have a business partner who's not pulling his or her weight. At first it was simply awkward, but now it's gone beyond that to frustrating and annoying.

The importance of clear substance abuse policies

There are many tricky issues regarding employees that can come up for a business owner. How an owner responds to such issues can have some significant ramifications, including legal ramifications, for their business. Thankfully, there are preparations businesses can make aimed at helping to deal with these matters. This includes putting out workplace policies setting out how particular employee-related issues will be dealt with.

The importance of credit score for small businesses

The list of things small business owners regularly keep informed of when it comes to their business is a long one. However, there are some important pieces of information that it is rather common for such owners to let slip through the cracks. A recent survey indicates that one such piece of information is business credit score.

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