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California getting many new employment laws

Among the many things that can have significant ramifications for California businesses are the state’s employment laws. Sometimes, these laws undergo changes. California is currently seeing numerous such changes.

This is because, prior to the bill signing deadline at the end of last month, the governor signed several new laws that touch on the workplace. These laws regard a wide range of different employment issues, including: overtime, equal pay, worker safety, employment contracts and hiring inquiries.

It can be very important for California businesses to be aware of changes in the state’s employment laws. This is because such changes can have major impacts on the rights of their workers and could necessitate changes in their employment practices.

Take, for instance, AB 1843. This is one of the newly signed laws, and it prohibits California employers from inquiring into certain things related to juvenile convictions when looking into job applicants. In the wake of shifts in what isn’t allowed when it comes to hiring inquiries, a business may want to take a careful look at its current hiring practices to ensure nothing in these practices would violate the new prohibitions.

Sometimes, a business here in California may be unclear on whether or how a new employment law would affect it. When this happens, it may want to talk with a skilled business lawyer about the new law, whether its current practices could pose any problems under the new law and whether it should make any changes to its practices in light of the law.

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