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Workers being stressed can hurt a business

One workforce issue that can have big implications for a business is how stressed their employees are. A recent survey indicates that feeling stressed out on the job is remarkably common among workers here in the United States.

The survey polled 2,000 workers from throughout the country. Of these workers, only 8 percent said that their stress levels were low. Of the remaining respondents, a large majority said they have encountered stress so high that it has left them feeling out of control or experiencing extreme fatigue.

Why can a stressed workforce be a big problem for a business? Well, in addition to having the potential to have negative implications on employee well-being, workers feeling overly stressed on the job can hurt a business’ overall productivity. In the above-mentioned survey, a good portion of the respondents indicated that stress has caused them to lose a good chunk of time of productivity in a day. Also, a large number indicated they have experienced days in which stress has left them feeling like they are unable to be effective.

Many things could have impacts on the levels of stress employees experience at work. One is what sort of workplace policies are in place at their place of work. For example, what workplace polices are present can have impacts on how coworkers interact with each other and the relationship between workers and bosses. This could, in turn, impact how likely worker stress is to come up in connection to these interactions and relationships. “People issues” are one of the top causes of stress at work, according to the results of the above-mentioned survey.

This is among the numerous reasons why it can be so important for businesses to give careful thought to what workplace policies to have. Another is that what a business does when it comes to workplace polices could have implications on the likelihood of employment disputes arising. Skilled attorneys can assist businesses with crafting workplace policies aimed at accomplishing their particular goals and objectives regarding their workforce.

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