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December 2016 Archives

Holiday decorations and insurance claims

This time of year, homes and businesses all over California are full of holiday decorations. One hopes that property owners in the state are paying proper attention to safety when it comes to their holiday décor. For when safety isn’t given proper due when it comes to such decorations, it could result in accidents that lead to property getting damaged or people getting hurt.

Preventing wrongful termination lawsuits

As a small business owner, you realize your employees are your most important asset. Part of managing a business is having to terminate employees from time to time. There are many business reasons to terminate an employee. Small business owners and managers need to be aware of the legal reasons to terminate an employee, and do so in a way that minimizes the risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Employment law issues and the holiday season

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for many companies. Employers are often more susceptible to legal actions from employees during this time. In order to ensure your company does not run afoul of the various laws regarding discrimination, wage and hour, employee classification and more, it's important to keep the following under consideration:

Do online reviews matter?

Online customer reviews can pop up in connection to all different kinds of businesses. Do what kinds of reviews customers have posted about it really matter for a business? A recent survey points to the answer being a resounding yes. The survey suggests that many customers put a good deal of trust in online reviews and that such reviews can impact the level of trust customers have in a company.

When disputes come up within a business

Disputes with outside parties are not the only disputes that could come up for a business. Sometimes, business disputes arise internally. Disputes among a business’ owners, shareholders or partners can take many different forms and could touch on a wide range of issues. See this page of our website for a list of some of the internal conflicts that can happen in companies.

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