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Holiday decorations and insurance claims

This time of year, homes and businesses all over California are full of holiday decorations. One hopes that property owners in the state are paying proper attention to safety when it comes to their holiday décor. For when safety isn’t given proper due when it comes to such decorations, it could result in accidents that lead to property getting damaged or people getting hurt.

Given the capacity for some decorations to cause such accidents, one of the things that insurers can end up seeing over the holiday season are insurance claims related to decorations. Some examples on this front include claims involving:

  • Outdoor decorations: There are a few different situations in which injuries could come up in connection to such decorations. One is that injuries could occur during the putting up of outdoor decorations. Another is that, if such decorations are put in a place where they could be a tripping hazard, they could result in guests who are coming to a property suffering harmful falls. Such injuries sometimes result in insurance claims being filed.
  • Candles: Candles can be a significant fire hazard if not attended to properly. So, fire-related claims can potentially come up as a result of holiday candles.
  • Christmas trees: This can be another source of holiday-related claims involving fires. The fire risks associated with Christmas trees can get particularly high when the needles and branches of such trees get dry.

Now, just like other types of property insurance claims, claims related to holiday decorations can have the potential to get rather complex, depending on the circumstances. When tricky legal issues come up in connection to such claims, it can pose some big challenges for insurers. Skilled insurance defense attorneys understand this and can give guidance to insurers when it comes to complex legal matters related to holiday-decoration-related claims or other property insurance claims.

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