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When disputes come up within a business

Disputes with outside parties are not the only disputes that could come up for a business. Sometimes, business disputes arise internally. Disputes among a business’ owners, shareholders or partners can take many different forms and could touch on a wide range of issues. See this page of our website for a list of some of the internal conflicts that can happen in companies.

Such disputes have the potential to be very disruptive for a business.

Whatever the precise nature of the dispute and the parties involved, when a dispute arises within a company, addressing it promptly can be important. The longer such a conflict goes unaddressed and unresolved, the more time it can have to grow in severity and in the ramifications it could have for the business.

However, while quickness can be critical when it comes to the resolution of internal disputes in a business, so too can making sure to pursue the right solution. Addressing an internal squabble quickly doesn’t help if it is addressed in the wrong way. An ill-suited solution to a given business dispute might not only be ineffective, it could actually end up making the situation worse than it otherwise would have been.

So, responding to an internal business dispute can be a complex balancing act with some very high stakes. Given this, trying to navigate such disputes without skilled legal guidance could carry some major risks for a company.

Our firm understands the importance of both speed and careful thought when it comes to responding to a business dispute that has arisen within a company. We have considerable experience in business dispute resolution and are committed to quickly matching our business clients with solutions well-suited to their situation when business disputes, such as internal disputes, come up for them.