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Report: Hiring up in the solar industry

Industries can vary greatly in how much hiring they are seeing. It appears that one industry that has been seeing quite a boost in hiring lately is the solar industry.

This is what a recent report on energy jobs by the U.S. Department of Energy points to. The report estimated that, last year, around 73,000 solar jobs were added to the U.S. economy. The report indicated that last year saw a 25 percent increase in solar employment in the nation. The report further noted that federal labor data likely significantly underestimates solar employment.

The increase in solar employment is a particularly relevant topic here in California. This is because federal estimates point to California being the home of a large chunk of the solar jobs out there. According to the DOE, California solar jobs make up 41 percent of all solar employment in the nation.

One wonders whether the trend of upped hiring in the solar sector will continue in upcoming years. One also wonders what impacts the trend is having on California companies involved in this sector.

When upping the amount of hiring it is doing, a lot of different legal issues can come up for a business. Now, as different industries can have different hiring trends, they can also have different tendencies regarding what kinds of legal issues are particularly big ones when it comes to hiring. Different companies within the same industry can also vary quite a bit on this front.

Skilled business lawyers can assist California businesses in the solar industry or other industries with looking into what approaches would be best suited for the hiring and employment legal issues specific to their company.

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