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Bill would put new requirements on companies looking to hire

Businesses sometimes bring temporary workers onto their staff. There are a range of different reasons an employer may have for wanting to make such hires. When a business is hiring short-term workers, whatever its reasons and goals for doing so, it can be extremely important for it to give proper attention to legal matters. There are various rules covering the hiring of workers, including temporary workers, here in California. When a business in the state is accused of not complying with these rules when it comes to temporary hires, it could end up facing potentially costly litigation. Skilled business law attorneys can give California businesses legal guidance when it comes to issues and disputes related to hiring short-term workers.

California is currently considering a bill which would add some new requirements on employers when it comes to things like making temporary hires.

The bill would apply to all businesses in the state with at least 10 employees. The bill would make it mandatory for such companies to offer their current staff additional hours before bringing new people onto the staff, such as temporary workers. There would be some exceptions to this, including that an employer would not have to meet this requirement if doing so would expose them to paying overtime.

Under the bill, companies could face civil actions from their employees for alleged violations.

Supporters of the bill say it would help part-time employees by giving them access to more hours. The bill’s critics, on the other hand, argue that it would be harmful to job-seekers and would put too heavy of a burden on businesses.

What impacts do you think a bill like this would have if passed?

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