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March 2017 Archives

Customer service mishaps can turn into big problems for a business

It is crucial for companies to give close attention to customer service. There are various customer service mistakes it can be very important for businesses to steer clear of. A recent Small Business Trends article pointed out some, including: treating customer service interactions like an argument to be won, being hard for customers to get in contact with, taking too long to respond to customer inquires/concerns and not giving employees proper training on customer service.

Welcoming whistleblowers into your business

You probably would like to think your employees consider you fair. You may also hope those workers will remain loyal. Fairness and loyalty are admirable qualities in a workplace environment. However, each may determine a different reaction from potential whistleblowers and their coworkers.

Prescription drug abuse and the workplace

Prescription drug abuse, such as the abuse of prescription opioids, is a major issue here in the United States. The impacts of this problem can be felt in many different places. This includes the workplace. Recently, the National Safety Council released the results of a survey regarding prescription drug abuse and the workplace. The survey was of businesses.

Sexual harassment and public-sector workplaces

Sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct can cause massive damage in a public-sector workplace. It can expose a public entity’s employees to great harm and could lead to the entity facing legal action that could have lasting repercussions for it financially and reputation-wise. 

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