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The challenges of getting, and keeping, the right workers

Having the right workers can make all the difference in the world for a small business. However, it can also be a challenging thing to achieve. For one, finding the workers who are the right fit can be a difficult process.

This can be seen in a recent study by Lever, a recruiting software service. The study looked at job candidates and hires among some of Lever’s customers to make an estimate of how many applicants businesses generally end up considering before they find the person they want. The study found that, among small businesses with less than 200 employees, the process of finding the right worker, on average, involves looking through 86 applications. So, even for small companies, finding the right people to fill job openings can require a great deal of effort.

And finding the right workers is just part of the battle. Another thing that can prove challenging for a business is getting the workers they want to hire to actually take the job. The above-mentioned study estimates that, among job applicants offered a position, around 31 percent end up turning the offer down.

Another thing that can be incredibly impactful on a business is how likely the workers they have hired are to stay with the company.

Many different things can impact how likely a company is to attract and retain the quality of workers it wants. This includes what kinds of employment and workplace policies it has. Such policies can impact the work environment at a business. They could also impact a company’s reputation among its employees and prospective hires. So, what employment policies a company has cannot only have a big impact on the business when potential employment disputes come up, but also long before any such problems arise.

Source: The Washington Post, “Study: You need 86 candidates to hire that one right person,” Gene Marks, March 15. 2017