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Leave laws and workplace absence policies

Among the things a business may want a skilled attorney’s help with are its workplace policies. Many different types of employment-related policies can be very impactful for a business. This includes its policies regarding worker absences.

Properly taking leave laws into account can be incredibly important when it comes to absence policies. There are a wide range of leave laws that can be applicable for a company. This includes laws at the federal, state and local levels.

Failing to comply with such laws could result in a company facing legal actions from the government or its employees. So, not properly factoring worker leave laws into its absence policies could be opening the door for some major legal problems for a company. Business lawyers can help companies with ensuring their absence policies are in line with the leave laws that apply to them.

In recent times, absence management has been getting increased attention among businesses. A recent survey found that the portion of U.S. companies that are putting significant efforts towards absence management improvements has risen from 22 percent to 32 percent over the past two years. These findings were based on responses from 1,000 benefits professionals.

Recent years have seen changes in leave laws. One wonders how big of a role these changes have played in the above-mentioned increase in business attention to absence management.

What changes these laws will see in future years and what impacts such changes will have on businesses when it comes to absence management will be things to keep an eye on.

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