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Study raises questions on worker awareness of workplace vaping policies

A business’ workplace policies can touch on many things. With the recent rise of e-cigarettes, one thing companies may be looking to include in their workplace policies are policies on employee vaping.

How clear are workers, generally, on their employer’s vaping policies? A recent study touched on this. In the study, over 300 workers who smoke or vape were polled on workplace vaping/smoking policies. The results from the survey suggest that it might be fairly common for workers to not have a clear idea of where their employer’s policies stand when it comes to vaping.

Why do you think workers being unclear on the vaping policies in their workplace might be prevalent?

Why does it matter how much an employer’s vaping policy is getting across to workers? Well, with any workplace policy, how great of an awareness a company’s workers have of the policy can have an impact on how clear of an idea the workers have of what is expected of them when it comes to the policy’s topic. A business’ workers not understanding what is expected of them in the workplace could lead to the policy not having its intended effect. It could also increase the potential for a business to face disputes with their workers when it comes to workplace conduct.

So, when it comes to the various policies it is thinking of having for its workplace, including smoking/vaping polices, it can be important for a business to understand what sort of policy would most help it achieve its intended goal and what it can do to help make the policy clear for employees and ensure worker awareness of the policy. Business lawyers can provide companies with guidance on these issues and others related to workplace policies.

Source: Safety+Health, “Workers unclear on employers’ vaping policies: study,” April 27, 2017