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The importance of strong anti-discrimination policies for tech companies

The workplace environment at a company can be very impactful. If this environment becomes discriminatory, it can have all sorts of negative impacts for a company.

For one, it could lead to the business facing lawsuits. When a worker at a company believes that they were treated unfairly at work because of their race, gender or a similar factor, the company could end up having a workplace discrimination lawsuit brought against it.

Also, when a company’s workplace is perceived as being an unfair one, it could drive employees away from the company. Among the ways this could significantly hurt a company are by causing the company to:

  • Lose out on high-quality employees.
  • Have high employee turnover, which can have major costs associated with it.
  • Be unable to have a diverse workplace and enjoy the benefits diversity in the workplace brings.

A recent survey points to unfair treatment being a common cause for people leaving the tech industry. The survey polled a nationally representative sample of workers who have left jobs in the industry. A large majority of these individuals indicated that they had experienced unfair treatment/behavior at the jobs that they left. The survey also indicated that the top reason the surveyed individuals gave for leaving a tech job was unfair treatment/behavior. The survey’s results further suggest that a perception of culture of unfair treatment at tech industry workplaces may be a factor behind the tech industry having problems retaining certain types of employees, including women and individuals of color.

So, keeping their workplaces free of discrimination and the perception of discrimination is incredibly important for businesses, including companies in the tech industry. One of the things that can be an important step towards this goal is having and properly implementing strong anti-discrimination polices. Skilled attorneys can help companies in the tech industry or other industries with issues regarding the formation and implementation of such policies.

Source: USA Today, “Here’s why women, blacks and Hispanics are leaving tech,” Jessica Guynn, April 27, 2017