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When a small business has just a handful of employees

Small businesses vary in many ways, including in the number of employees they have. Some have a very small workforce, with just a handful of employees.

Small workforce small businesses have many unique aspects, and thus can experience their own set of trends. One trend data points to is such companies having a particularly high survival rate. Data indicates that 62 percent of the around 3.7 million small businesses here in the U.S. that have a workforce of one to nine employees are more than five years old. This is a higher five-year survival rate than small companies with larger workforces.

Why do you think small companies with a very small number of workers have proven particularly good at surviving in today’s world? What do you see as some of the biggest advantages such businesses have?

While there are many things that make companies with just a few employees different from other businesses, there are plenty of things that are just as important for owners of these businesses as they are for owners of businesses with a larger workforce. One is properly handling employment law matters. While small workforce small businesses may have less overall employment law matters to address than companies with lots of employees on their payroll, how employment law issues that do come up are handled can still be very impactful. In fact, when a company has just a few employees, individual employment law problems and missteps can be particularly disruptive in the workplace.

Whether a small business has a large workforce or just a few workers, it may find a skilled business law attorney’s assistance helpful with efforts to respond properly to employment law issues and avoid employment law missteps.

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