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June 2017 Archives

When a chain store closing happens near your business

A company can be greatly impacted by what happens with the businesses around it. For one, the closing of a nearby business could have implications for it. A recent news article went over some of the impacts the businesses in an area can experience when a chain store closes down in the area.

Is a limited liability company right for your new business?

With all of the choices and decisions you need to make when starting a new business, you could feel overwhelmed. Choosing a business structure may be at the top of your list since that structure will dictate numerous factors, situations and aspects of your company.

Avoiding brand-harming mistakes

The condition of a company’s brand can impact many things. It can affect the level of company pride among employees. It can impact the likelihood of current customers sticking with the company. It could also affect a business’ likelihood of attracting new customers.

The importance of avoiding invoice mistakes

One very common activity for small businesses is sending out invoices in relation to goods or services provided to customers. It is important for companies to not let how common this activity is lead them to be complacent when it comes to their invoicing practices. Impactful mistakes can be made when a small business owner gives insufficient attention to these activities.

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