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July 2017 Archives

Concerns about cellphone-related distractions in the workplace

Technology can create new avenues for efficiency in the workplace. However, it can also present some worker productivity challenges for businesses. For example, some technologies can provide new routes for employees to get distracted and “slack off” at work.

Bringing in investors to help fund one’s company

There are a variety of roadblocks a business owner could encounter when getting their company started or trying to grow their company. This includes financial roadblocks. There are many different funding options an owner could turn to for trying to overcome such challenges. This includes selling portions of their business to investors to bring an influx of capital into their business.

Contract disputes: A threat to your business' well-being

Conflict is a common part of doing business. No matter the nature of your business, it is possible that you will at some point find yourself facing a dispute or disagreement over a contract. Any type of legal dispute is a threat to the financial well-being of your California business, and it is beneficial for you to work on a way to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

A business' reputation for trustworthiness

There are many things business owners may want to take into account when dealing with legal issues connected to their business. This includes what impacts what happens when it comes to these issues could have on how much trust people have in their company. There are various ways that how a company acts in relation to a legal dispute or matter could affect its reputation, including its reputation for trustworthiness. Business lawyers can advise company owners on this issue.

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