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Gender distrust high in the workplace?

Distrust between employees can create a range of problems for a business. A recent study suggests that gender distrust is at rather high levels in the American workplace.

In the survey, workers were asked questions about working with the opposite gender. Multiple aspects of the results of the survey point to high levels of distrust and unease between members of the different genders in the workplace. This includes that:

  • Around two-thirds of respondents indicated that working around members of the opposite sex was something they felt they had to exercise extra caution in connection to.
  • Around a fourth of the polled workers indicated that one-and-one meetings with individuals of the opposite sex were something they disapproved of.

Concerns over sexual harassment and the possibility of being accused of such harassment have been suggested as likely contributors these high levels of gender distrust. What do you think the results say about the current state of the American workplace?

One could see how distrust among employees could be particularly high in work environments in which sexual harassment has been present or in which sufficient sexual harassment prevention steps haven’t been taken. High levels of gender distrust in a work environment could make many things more difficult for a business. This includes being able to have productive and efficient meetings.

Trying to reduce workplace distrust is one of the many important roles that having a high-quality sexual harassment policy in place could play for a business. Skilled attorneys can advise companies on what they can do in their workplace policies to foster a safe work environment conducive to workplace trust. They can also explain to businesses what they can do within their policies to protect their workers, the quality of their workplace and their overall business interests.

Source: Forbes, “Survey Shows Relations Between The Sexes At Work Are Often Downright Uncomfortable,” Victor Lipman, July 21, 2017