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Report: California the 5th friendliest state for online companies

The internet has changed many things in our world. This includes the way people do business. It even gave rise to a whole new type of business: the online business.

There are all kinds of online companies out there these days. These companies have many unique aspects as compared to traditional brick-and-motor businesses.

Among the things these unique aspects impact are the types of legal issues that are present for owners of online businesses and what sorts of concerns and considerations tend to be significant ones when it comes to these issues. So, approaching legal matters related to their company in a way that properly takes into account their business’ unique aspects and needs can be important for owners of online companies. Online business owners can reach out to experienced business law attorneys for assistance with this.

Another thing the unique aspects of online businesses impact is what sort of business environment is particularly friendly to such companies. A recent Frontier Business report looked at how friendly the conditions in the different states are for online businesses. Examples of factors the report reviewed when gauging this include: economic climate, quality of life, tech infrastructure and workforce education. Based on this review, the report gave a list of the 10 states with the highest levels of friendliness to online companies.

California did make this list. In fact, it made the top five, though just barely. It was ranked fifth overall in online business friendliness. The four states that were ranked higher than California were: Virginia, Washington, Utah and Oregon.

What do you see as the biggest plusses and minuses California has for online companies? One wonders what developments California will see in the future when it comes to conditions touching on the state’s business environment for such companies.

Source: Small Business Trends, “Best 10 States for Online Business: Care to Guess No. 1?,” David William, July 6, 2017