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September 2017 Archives

Can a business face sexual harassment claims over a customer’s conduct?

Sexual harassment is one of the things that federal law prohibits in the workplace. It is pretty well-know that a business could face legal trouble over sexually harassing conduct committed by a supervisor against a worker. But what about conduct a customer engaged in against a worker? Can a business face legal claims over such behavior?

How common is reliance on a single customer among small companies?

Among the things small businesses vary greatly in is what their revenue streams look like. Some small businesses get their revenue from a variety of different sources. Others have just a few sources. For example, there are some companies that get a major chunk of their business from just one customer.

What to include in your partnership agreement

With any business venture, having the right paperwork in place could help lessen the likelihood of issues. If you hope to enter into a partnership in order to start a new business, creating a partnership agreement could better ensure that you and your future partners understand each other's expectations. With everyone on the same page, your operations may have a better chance of running smoothly.

Machine learning and the future of small business

For small business owners, thinking about the future can be important. Carefully considering what the future could be likely to hold for their company, their industry and how business is done in general could help a business with planning how to keep their business on the path towards their goals for it.

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