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October 2017 Archives

Contracts could help parties understand business relationships

When you first started your business, you may have had the ability to complete the majority of the tasks yourself. However, as your company grew and your success provided you with additional opportunities, you may have found yourself needing to bring in extra help. When hiring employees, you may feel a certain apprehension because you likely hold your business dealings close in order to prevent potential issues from arising.

Black Friday losing its luster in the retail world?

Traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been a very important day for physical retail stores here in the United States. “Black Friday” is a day many retailers have counted on for especially high consumer traffic and strong sales. But, may this be starting to change?

Creating an environment where employees feel free to speak up

It can be very important for small businesses that their employees feel comfortable reporting potential problems to the company. This includes things like suspected incidents of sexual harassment or discrimination. Getting prompt reports of such problems from workers could help a small business become aware of such problems sooner. This, in turn, could allow it to take actions to respond to the problems sooner. The longer potential problems in the workplace go unaddressed, the more time they have to grow in severity and lead to incidents could potentially result in a company facing things such as costly employment litigation.

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