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Small Business Saturday: Not just for retailers

The day after Black Friday can be an important day for small companies here in America. It is Small Business Saturday. This year, this shopping day focused on the nation’s small businesses falls on November 25.

Small Business Saturday can see a lot of retail traffic to smaller companies. So, the main type of business that people may think of when it comes to this day are small retail businesses. However, small companies are present in all kinds of industries. This includes many non-retail industries. Non-retail business owners may be happy to hear that they are not simply out of luck when it comes to Small Business Saturday. There are things they can do to participate in and try to yield benefits from this special small business day.

Some examples of things non-retail companies can do on Small Business Saturday include:

  • Reach out to their current customers: Non-retail businesses can use this day to try to strengthen their relationships with their customers through things like having an email campaign or working on holiday cards for customers.
  • Try to attract new customers: Holding an open house or pairing up with a retail business for Small Business Saturday festivities are among the things such companies could do on this front.
  • Get involved in the community: Some steps that can be taken in this regard include supporting community Small Business Saturday events, getting out and mingling in the community and showing support for local small businesses on social media.
  • Plan for the future: If a non-retail company is in an industry in which the holiday season is a quieter time of the year, Small Business Saturday can provide a good opportunity for it to up its preparedness for the future. Owners could use the time to plan for a variety of things, including what their business would do if a disaster were to strike.

As this discussion underscores, small businesses come in many varieties, and the specific circumstances of a company can impact what sorts of considerations and opportunities are present for it when it comes to special events like Small Business Saturday. A small business’ unique circumstances can also impact the legal issues that arise for it. How legal matters are dealt with is an impactful issue for all companies. So, whatever field a small business is in, it may want skilled legal help with the unique legal issues it is navigating.