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Don’t forget about low-tech solutions to business issues

All kinds of needs and challenges come up for small businesses. What actions a business owner takes to address them can be very impactful.

Modern technology has made many new tools and solutions available for business issues. This could give rise to a temptation among small business owners to always rely on high-tech solutions when addressing concerns related to their company.

Now, it is true that incorporating appropriate technology solutions into one’s business can be an important part of strengthening one’s company. However, it is also important for business owners to not forget that low-tech and no-tech solutions can still be helpful. There are a variety of such solutions than can be put towards key goals and needs like reaching out to, building strong communications with and strengthening relationships with customers. And, in some situations, the low/no-tech options could provide some added benefits that high-tech solutions may not be able to. This includes the benefits that can come from a more personal approach.

A recent USA Today article gave some examples of low/no -tech strategies small business owners may want to make sure to be well-versed on. This includes:

  • Entertaining
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Handwritten notes
  • Phone calls
  • Signs
  • Swag
  • Trade shows/conferences

Each need and challenge that comes up for a business has its own unique aspects and circumstances. So, having a full toolkit when addressing business issues can have many advantages. This is why staying well-versed on business solutions on both the high-tech side and the low-tech side can be so important.

Another situation in which having a full understanding of one’s options can be critical for a small business owner is when challenging legal issues arise, such as issues involving business litigation. Going into such situations well-informed can be key in navigating the matter in a way well suited to the best interests of one’s business. Business litigation lawyers can help business owners stay well-informed on their options regarding challenging legal issues.