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January 2018 Archives

Filing a wildfire-related insurance claim? Follow these tips

As if losing your property in the recent wildfires wasn’t enough, now you must file an insurance claim to recoup your damages. Filing an insurance claim may not be as harrowing as surviving a wildfire, but it is a tedious and often frustrating process that policyholders rarely enjoy. To make matters even more difficult, insurance companies do not always pay their clients a fair settlement.

Allegations of sexual harassment double at community colleges

The onslaught of sexual harassment allegations that have rocked the country shows no sign of slowing down. It seems that new allegations of misconduct against individuals, employers and public entities surface every day. California is no exception; there have been several allegations of sexual misconduct in our state Congress and the entertainment industry. The latest entities to field reports of sexual harassment are Los Angeles community colleges.

Employment discrimination lawsuits are rising

Most employers work hard to create an atmosphere in which all employees feel welcome, productive and safe. Still, there are situations in which an employee may experience workplace discrimination. In these scenarios, it is up to the employer to act quickly in order to substantiate the employee’s allegations, rectify the situation and prevent it from happening again.

4 most common types of business entities

Starting a business is no easy undertaking. Though you may have a strong business idea and feel that you could bring value to the business world, you also likely know that most individuals looking to start their own companies feel this way. Additionally, you certainly also know that many small businesses and startup companies do not find the success their owners were hoping for.

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