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March 2018 Archives

How expensive are lawsuits for cities?

Cities face a bevy of thorny legal issues: Premise liability, insurance, personal injury claims and employment disputes, to name just a few. Sometimes, it seems that no matter how carefully a public entity and its attorneys navigate these issues, a disgruntled party is bound to bring a lawsuit. Lawsuits are nightmare for cities. However, in our ever-litigious society, they seem more common than ever.

What you should know about boating insurance

Boating is a favorite pastime for many Californians. Our state’s warm weather and beautiful beaches makes it a popular outdoor hobby. Some boaters are lulled into a false sense of security on the state’s peaceful waters. But many boaters, even skilled veterans, will experience an accident at some point or another.

Can certain steps help your company avoid discrimination claims?

Running a business often proves challenging in most day-to-day aspects. From handling managerial duties, to dealing with customers, to delegating tasks to employees, many chances for conflict and contention exist. Of course, you likely have experience in dealing with these types of scenarios and do your best to deal with any issues in the most professional manner possible.

Common reasons for a merger or acquisition

Acquiring and merging with another company is an enormous undertaking. There are myriad complex steps to be completed. It is a process that can be daunting for the businesses involved and their employees. It can also have major effects on the companies’ clients, vendors and partners.

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