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April 2018 Archives

City council members must be careful when texting, emailing

City council members and other public officials know that there can be a fine line between public and private. It is necessary for public figures to balance their private communications with the need for public transparency. Sometimes, a seemingly innocuous activity like exchanging private emails or text messages can land you in hot water.

How can a breach of contract be resolved?

Contracts are crucial in the world of business. They establish both parties’ role in a business transaction, stipulate each side’s obligations and set a timeline for the business matter at hand. A well written, legally binding contract can provide peace of mind for all parties involved.

Has your company been accused of age discrimination?

Making sure your California-based company is abiding by all government rules and regulations at all times can be a daunting task. Even though you are doing your best, disgruntled current, former and hopeful employees may still find ways to blame your business for their losses. Age discrimination is a great example right now. Numerous companies have been in the news over the last few years with employees claiming that their age caused them to lose their jobs, not get a job or promotion, or that it forced them to put up with harassment in the workplace. 

Employers must heed California’s whistleblower laws

Whistleblowers and employers often have a contentious relationship. Although whistleblowers raise important concerns about workplace issues, it is sometimes to the detriment of the employer. But employers should not necessarily feel antipathy toward whistleblowers. Employees who alert regulatory agencies, law enforcement or the public to legal violations in the workplace are performing a much-needed service.

City sued over massive sewage leak

No entity, public or private, enjoys being sued. Litigation can be long, tedious and expensive. Even if the city is not fully at fault, it sometimes has no choice but to go to court or settle. This is what happened to our northern neighbors in Portland, Ore., who were sued after a historic building was flooded with human sewage.

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