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May 2018 Archives

Businesses Can Take Steps To Eliminate Workplace Bias

There have been many moments in recent years where race and gender biases become hot-button topics. Yet despite the good intentions of many employers and managers, unconscious biases at work mean that white men and still more likely to be hired, promoted and well-compensated than equally deserving employees who are women or racial minorities.

Should you rethink partnering with a friend or spouse?

Throughout your life, you likely have referred to someone as your partner. Whether a romantic partner or an affectionately called partner in crime, you likely used the word because it conveys a sense of importance concerning the relationship you have. The same importance applies to business partners you choose to help run your company.

Disputing an insurance claim? This is the process

The unthinkable has happened, and you have suffered a terrible accident. Fortunately, you purchased insurance, and you are relieved that your damages will be covered by insurance. But after you file your claim, you are stunned when your insurance company offers you a much lower amount than you need.

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