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June 2018 Archives

What World Cup reporters can teach us about workplace harassment

The United States is still catching up to the rest of the world in regards to World Cup fever, but hopefully the sexist behavior of some soccer fans will never make the transition. Twice while covering events for the 2018 World Cup, female reporters have been harassed on camera by fans who wanted to kiss them. The two responded remarkably different, yet it clear in both cases that these women have been harassed as they were trying to do their job and they not happy about it.

As an employer, how can you prevent employment discrimination?

As a business owner and employer, you need to think of the possible risks your company faces on a daily basis. Obviously, you have concerns over whether your company will continue to thrive, whether you and your staff are making the right decisions, and how you can provide the best products or services out there. After all, you clients or customers are your main priority.

California Supreme Court adopts new ruling on contractors

The gig economy is certainly a major part of the employment landscape here in California and elsewhere. It is certainly an economical way for companies to bring in workers without the rules governing employment law. There has been some confusion in recent years over rules determining whether workers are independent contractors or employees. This has led to misunderstandings by both companies and workers.

Jury sides with 3M in case involving patient-warming device

The Bair Hugger medical device has been in the news countless times in recent years. Its detractors claim that the commonly used patient-warming device manufactured by 3M Co. subsidiary Arizant was defective because it caused infections, particularly in surgeries involving hip replacement.

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