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Protect your restaurant from potential insurance claims

As a restaurant owner and operator, you want to do your best to provide an enjoyable dining experience for your patrons while also creating a positive work environment for your employees. Running a business of any kind can have its difficulties, and you certainly do not want to put yourself or your business at risk of facing negative repercussions for preventable incidents.

In particular, you may want to make sure that you do not have any hazards on your premises that could result in a worker or customer slipping and falling. Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to serious injuries, and you could end up facing a lawsuit or workers’ compensation claim if such an incident results.

Avoiding hazards

Luckily, you can take the time to prevent common issues that contribute to slip-and-fall accidents. Some steps you can take include the following:

  • Requiring appropriate slip-resistant footwear for employees
  • Making sure not to wax or polish floors improperly
  • Training your staff to recognize and properly address possible fall hazards
  • Determining whether the flooring in your establishment has a low slip potential
  • Utilizing non-slip mats in the kitchen
  • Making sure to only place mats on dry floors to prevent sliding
  • Ensuring entrance mats lay smoothly and do not have folds or wrinkles
  • Making sure to attend to spills immediately
  • Placing caution signs near hazards while workers attend to them
  • Having clear walkways
  • Avoiding overfilling busing containers, which can lead to objects falling to the floor or workers tripping while trying to keep the container steady

Of course, these tips represent only a few that you could consider in order to ensure a safe environment for workers and patrons. If you do notice a hazard and do not attend to it promptly and correctly, you could end up at risk of facing a lawsuit if someone suffers an injury due to that hazard and believes you should have addressed it before the accident.

Addressing claims

In the event that a person does file a premises liability claim against your business or an employee files a workers’ compensation claim, you may want to closely assess the situation. In some cases, a person may file a claim without a valid reason. Because you certainly do not want your business suffering ill effects due to an invalid claim, you may want to explore your legal options for defense. You certainly want to protect the best interests of your restaurant, and understanding your legal options may help.