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Women face a higher risk of injury at work

The National Safety Council recently analyzed workplace injury data from 2017. Those findings, which are published at Injury Facts, were informative, but the news is not good for women workers.

Assault is disproportionately high

One set of numbers that jumped out were the fact that women were victims to 70 percent of all assault-related non-fatal injuries. This means that 12,820 women were assaulted at work in 2017, which is up 60 percent from six years earlier. Men, on the other hand, sustained 5,530 assault-related non-fatal injuries in 2017.

Other dangerous trends

The NSC analysis also pointed out some other areas where women were more likely to get hurt. These included:

  • Women make up 61 percent of repetitive motion-related injuries
  • Women make up 59 percent of injuries accidently caused by another person
  • Women make up 57 percent of injuries due to falls from the same level

Common professions more dangerous to women

The NSC also determined that there were certain professions that were disproportionately more likely to suffer non-fatal injuries or illness:

  • Women make up 80 percent of the injuries and illnesses in the field of health care
  • Women make up 61 percent of the injuries and illnesses in the field of education
  • Women make up 60 percent of the injuries and illnesses in offices

Everyone deserves a safe work environment

While the NSC has yet to publish the numbers broken down by state, employers and public entities here in California would be wise to reevaluate the safety of their workplace. The expense of preventative measures is usually considerably less than dealing with the loss of productivity, the cost of medical care as well as the potential liability for damages or an increase in insurance premiums. Those entities with questions about these issues would be advised to speak with an attorney.