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Hewlett Packard unable to get class action dismissed

Hewlett Packard Enterprises is one of many tech companies here in California that is facing class-action lawsuits over the payment of female employees. Other companies facing accusations include Oracle, Google and Twitter.

In the case of HP, two women stepped forward, claiming that they had proof that the company paid their male counterparts a higher salary. The company has tried to get the case dismissed, but a California judge recently ruled that the case can proceed. This is despite the fact that the women have yet to provide evidence.

Evidence necessary for final ruling

The two plaintiffs each claim that they separately have information regarding the pay disparity.

  • One alleges that men were paid 14.27% more than women doing the same work.
  • The other alleges that she has evidence that male employees earned more than females who had more experience.

The company, however, claims that the former employees have not produced any specific male “comparators” as evidence of pay discrepancy. Therefore, the class-action case should be dismissed.

The judge has made the preliminary ruling with an eye towards further study of the matter before handing down a final decision. This is good news for the plaintiffs, but female employees have yet to successfully launch a class-action suit against a tech company here in California.

Pay gap continues to be an issue

Employers and employees involved in a dispute over employment are advised to consult with a knowledgeable employment law attorney with a background in litigation. Class-actions need to be taken seriously because these can have an impact on the bottom line, ongoing viability and reputation of the business. A firm experienced in such matters can be a tremendous help in guiding clients through this process.