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Avoiding a company type

Diversity in the workplace is crucial to the overall health of the business. Along with race, gender, age, and life experience, the company’s manager or human resources department needs to consider a diversity of type. Some companies are known for a competitive work environment that fosters a certain kind of personality, while other companies have creative thinkers who focus on innovation.

According to employment expert, this kind of “type-casting” to find a good fit with who is already there can hurt a business. There are many paths to the right solution to a particular problem, some may take the direct route and others may get lost in the woods, but traveling the same roads involves the same assumptions and same decision-making process. This can mean less dynamic problem-solving.

A team of rivals

Abraham Lincoln, for example, surrounded himself with a group of advisers who were famous for their “lively” debate. Nevertheless, the president was comfortable surrounding self with different types of people who would provide more creative solutions for ending the Civil War. Whether the issues are expected or entirely out of left field, cognitive diversity better positions businesses to meet these challenges.

Preparing for a diversity of thought

Businesses may have an employee manual and practices that adhere to all laws regarding discrimination. However, providing a work environment that is safe and fosters different schools of thought can be a tremendous asset and attract top-tier talent rather than a group of yes men who can plow through a meeting in short order. Employment law attorneys can ensure that businesses are compliant with all applicable local, state and federal laws, while also helping companies attract and maintain a diverse roster of personnel.