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October 2019 Archives

5 options for dealing with a breach of partnership agreement

When you started your California business, you may have labored over whom to bring on as partners. Partnerships may have provided capital you did not have, connections to others in your industry, know-how and experience, and additional help with the nuts and bolts of running the company. Whether you are working with a single partner or several, you probably found out quickly that it is not always easy.

Deceptive trade practices in California

Every state has laws regarding deceptive trade practices. Mainly, these address businesses or individuals who sell goods or services while falsely representing what the consumers purchases. These torts are considered an offense against the general public and can lead to criminal prosecution by the state’s attorney general, district attorney, county counsel, city attorney, or city prosecutor. The prosecution can bring their complaint or act upon the claim of a person, association, corporation, board, or officer who is injured or damaged by this deception. Plaintiffs should not take action unless government entities refuse to.

Cybersecurity still a significant concern

Chubb Limited is one of the leading players in the global insurance market. It offers a wide array of insurance products and continues to be a thought leader. Now according to its Third Annual Cyber Report, there should be much concern by businesses over the status of their cybersecurity. It notes that hackers or cyber breaches concern eight in 10 Americans, but this concern is undercut by employee complacency.

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