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February 2020 Archives

Are you trying to come up with the perfect business idea?

These days, it may seem like everyone is starting a business. You may know friends or family members who have online accounts trying to sell handmade items or who try to earn some money with a blog. While these endeavors can certainly prove lucrative under the right circumstances, you wonder whether it could be right for you.

State Supreme Court rules on PAGA-only actions

California is often an outlier in favor of the employee when it comes to employment law and employee rights. One example is the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA), a law from 2004 that enables a plaintiff of a PAGA-only claim to sue their employer on the state’s behalf to get unpaid wages. The unions backed the idea because it was a way to hold employers more accountable to labor codes. As recently as last year, this meant that employees netted $88 million from California businesses, including $10.7 million to 99,000 current and former Walmart cashiers.

California to create insurance for cannabis business

California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara wrote a new white paper that provides a framework for insurance regulators and how they should address the legal cannabis market. It deals with the medical marijuana sector as well as the recreational market. The goal is to regulate insurance for the cannabis industry in California as well as markets in other states.

Keeping that unpaid internship compliant with FLSA

Internships have been around in one shape or another for ages. The arrangement these days ideally involves enabling the intern to learn through doing rather than from a textbook. It also allows businesses to scout young new talent that they wish to hire at a later date.

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