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March 2020 Archives

PG&E admits to involuntary manslaughter

The Camp Fire burned through the Sierra Nevada hills with unprecedented fury for two weeks in late 2018. The cause of the state’s deadliest fire to date was determined to be faulty electrical equipment owned by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The embattled and bankrupt utility faces civil suits regarding damages caused by this fire. Still, it now pleads guilty of 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter for deaths caused by the fire and one felony count of unlawfully causing the fire. The second count addresses severe injuries to a firefighter and others as well as the destruction of multiple structures.

A letter of indemnity may help prevent a lawsuit

Entering into an agreement with another party is something that many business owners do. They may have contracts with other businesses, employees, clients or customers. When you enter into those contracts, you undoubtedly have every intention of upholding your end of the deal to the best of your and your company's ability.

Pregnancy discrimination and California paid family leave

Pregnancy is a time of celebration and hope for many expectant mothers (and their partners). However, pregnancy is also stressful for many people, whether couples face financial uncertainty or women experience health problems during the course of their pregnancy. Unfortunately, some people experience discrimination during this important time in their lives.

PG&E fined $2.1 billion

It’s hard to imagine that a $1.7 billion settlement was considered lenient. But such was the case in California when power regulators previously agreed to that number in December of 2019 as the amount of compensation owed by the now-bankrupt Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) for its part in igniting the wildfires that year.

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