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May 2020 Archives

Restaurants file business interruption lawsuits

Many restaurant and bar owners invested in business interruption coverage in case there is a forced shutdown to a business. Here in California, the thinking was that the closure would be due to a fire. Of course, this catastrophe has now come to pass with the spread of the coronavirus causing COVID-19. Policyholders took comfort once the shutdown occurred because they thought they could get money from their carriers to pay bills and payroll.

Is buying a franchise the right business investment?

Many dream of one day owning their own shop, but starting from scratch can be daunting. One alternative to building a business from the ground up is to buy a franchise. The starting costs will be much higher, but the franchisee also gets established products or services as well as guidance for running a successful business.

Women's unemployment rates higher than men's

The world is facing its largest economic crisis since the Great Depression. This is, of course, tied to the coronavirus and the stay at home order embraced by governors around the country. Many businesses closed, perhaps never to reopen, leaving upwards of 15 million to file for unemployment as of May.

State provides support to businesses for COVID-19 worker protection

The California State Compensation Insurance Fund announced a series of initiatives to support policyholders and workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The group has earmarked a $50 million Essential Business Support Fund for workplace safety initiatives to keep employees safe while they are at work. This is on top of $165 million already established to aid workers and policyholders in California.

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