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July 2020 Archives

Teachers concerned over push to reopen schools

There are many hot-button topics in 2020. Perhaps none are more discussed than what to do about K-12 schools across the country. Here in California, Governor Newsom is pushing schools and districts to make their best attempt to reopen in the fall. He is part of a loose coalition of the president and other politicians, administrators, parents, child development experts, and others who believe that doing more online distance learning would be a mistake.

3 options for handling partnership disputes

Going into business with a partner is commonly a beneficial way to go about starting a company. Often, more than one person can bring important skills to the table and help the business thrive. In the beginning, you and your partner may have agreed on most matters and saw eye to eye on how to handle growth and operational procedures. Lately, however, you may feel more as if you are at odds rather than on the same side.

Equal ownership in family business can be a mistake

They may have a secret favorite, but most parents pride themselves on treating all their children the same, showering them with relatively equal amounts of time and support. Thus, it comes as no surprise when business owners who pass on a business give equal ownership of a store or company to the kids, whether between two, three, four, or more children/beneficiaries. Some business advisers, however, believe that equal partnerships can be a mistake.

Many still believe there is no gender equality in the workplace

The percentage of women working outside the home has changed little in the last five decades. It sits at 75% working at least 35 hours per week, with 25% working 1 to 34 hours. This adds up to over half of the entire U.S. workforce. While women have worked hard to secure equal standing, there is still room for improvement, and there is disagreement over how far there is to go.

PG&E exits Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Pacific Gas & Electric announced in early July that it emerged from its highly contentious bankruptcy. The nation’s largest utility initially filed bankruptcy to protect itself after its aging power grid ignited devastating wildfires in 2017 and 2018 that cost more than 100 people their lives. Another 80,000 Californians lost homes, businesses or suffered property damages. The utility paid $5.4 billion in funds and 22.19% of its stock into a trust for victims of the fires it caused.

Are charter schools better poised for success?

The COVID-19 virus impacts every part of our daily lives. Nevertheless, few families will see a more significant effect this year, and in the future, than the virus's impact upon education. Any parent with school-age children sees this first-hand because some teachers could better deal with these challenges than others.

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