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Common reasons for a merger or acquisition

Acquiring and merging with another company is an enormous undertaking. There are myriad complex steps to be completed. It is a process that can be daunting for the businesses involved and their employees. It can also have major effects on the companies’ clients, vendors and partners.

Perform due diligence before purchasing a business

As a business leader, you understand the potential challenges that come with purchasing another business. The process may be going smoothly when—wham!—you hit a roadblock. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to circumvent potential obstacles that come up when buying a business. One of the most important is to perform due diligence.

Seeking investors for your startup? Consider these ideas

Entrepreneurs know firsthand the hard work, innovation and expense that it takes to launch a startup. Entrepreneurs also know that no matter how much legwork goes into forming a startup, sometimes it takes additional funding to get it off the ground.

Black Friday losing its luster in the retail world?

Traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been a very important day for physical retail stores here in the United States. “Black Friday” is a day many retailers have counted on for especially high consumer traffic and strong sales. But, may this be starting to change?

How common is reliance on a single customer among small companies?

Among the things small businesses vary greatly in is what their revenue streams look like. Some small businesses get their revenue from a variety of different sources. Others have just a few sources. For example, there are some companies that get a major chunk of their business from just one customer.

Machine learning and the future of small business

For small business owners, thinking about the future can be important. Carefully considering what the future could be likely to hold for their company, their industry and how business is done in general could help a business with planning how to keep their business on the path towards their goals for it.

Bringing in investors to help fund one’s company

There are a variety of roadblocks a business owner could encounter when getting their company started or trying to grow their company. This includes financial roadblocks. There are many different funding options an owner could turn to for trying to overcome such challenges. This includes selling portions of their business to investors to bring an influx of capital into their business.

A business' reputation for trustworthiness

There are many things business owners may want to take into account when dealing with legal issues connected to their business. This includes what impacts what happens when it comes to these issues could have on how much trust people have in their company. There are various ways that how a company acts in relation to a legal dispute or matter could affect its reputation, including its reputation for trustworthiness. Business lawyers can advise company owners on this issue.

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