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Employment discrimination lawsuits are rising

Most employers work hard to create an atmosphere in which all employees feel welcome, productive and safe. Still, there are situations in which an employee may experience workplace discrimination. In these scenarios, it is up to the employer to act quickly in order to substantiate the employee’s allegations, rectify the situation and prevent it from happening again.

Fostering a good work environment can be important in retaining talent

A small business can be greatly impacted by the quality of its workforce. So, when a small business draws in hardworking and talented workers, retaining these employees can be a high priority for the company’s owners.

Creating an environment where employees feel free to speak up

It can be very important for small businesses that their employees feel comfortable reporting potential problems to the company. This includes things like suspected incidents of sexual harassment or discrimination. Getting prompt reports of such problems from workers could help a small business become aware of such problems sooner. This, in turn, could allow it to take actions to respond to the problems sooner. The longer potential problems in the workplace go unaddressed, the more time they have to grow in severity and lead to incidents could potentially result in a company facing things such as costly employment litigation.

Can a business face sexual harassment claims over a customer’s conduct?

Sexual harassment is one of the things that federal law prohibits in the workplace. It is pretty well-know that a business could face legal trouble over sexually harassing conduct committed by a supervisor against a worker. But what about conduct a customer engaged in against a worker? Can a business face legal claims over such behavior?

Being careful about hiring practices important for entrepreneurs

When you are starting a new business, among the things you may find yourself doing is hiring employees for your company. The hiring process is a very impactful one. What you do during this process could have major implications for your company’s future.

Concerns about cellphone-related distractions in the workplace

Technology can create new avenues for efficiency in the workplace. However, it can also present some worker productivity challenges for businesses. For example, some technologies can provide new routes for employees to get distracted and “slack off” at work.

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