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Cell phones bring new legal challenges to school districts

Without a doubt, school is very different now than it was for previous generations. One of the biggest changes in today’s schools has been the integration of new technology. Teachers, school administrators and parents have had to adapt to the increased presence of technology in the classroom—for better or worse. Sometimes teachers use technology to teach their students, and sometimes students use technology to ignore their teachers.

Pay gap particularly big in the public sector?

Among the things it is critical for public entities to be careful in is their pay practices towards employees. One thing such organizations should make sure to avoid in such practices is conduct that could be viewed as discriminatory. Difficult legal situations can arise for public entities when they are accused of having engaged in pay discrimination against a worker based on gender or some other protected status.

Sexual harassment and public-sector workplaces

Sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct can cause massive damage in a public-sector workplace. It can expose a public entity’s employees to great harm and could lead to the entity facing legal action that could have lasting repercussions for it financially and reputation-wise. 

Challenging legal matters can come up for public entities

Private businesses are not the only organizations here in California that complex legal issues can come up for. Public entities, like community organizations, school districts and cities can also end up facing significant legal matters. These matters can cover a wide range of issues. Our firm’s page on public entities contains a list of some of the legal issues that can arise for such organizations.

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