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Charter Schools: Supporting 21st Century Education

Charter schools provide a dynamic environment for nurturing students. Fresh education philosophy shapes the structure of the classrooms and curriculum. These schools are meant to be tuition-free and open to all students. Charter school funding can come from various streams of revenue. Depending on the type of charter school, the federal government, the state, local districts, nonprofit organizations, grants and parent fundraisers provide funding.

Generally, charter schools provide instruction independent of traditional school district limitations. Principals and instructors in charter schools typically have autonomy to craft their programs around their students’ unique learning needs. Even with myriad progressive features, charter school administrators will need the assistance of an experienced legal team when contending with difficulties similar to those which arise in traditional school settings.

Our Attorneys Assist Charter Schools Facing Legal Challenges

California’s enrollment in dependent, semi-autonomous and independent charter schools continues to grow. Despite the positive factors, charter school administrators still have some of the similar challenges that traditional schools face, such as:

  • Personal injury claims
  • Sexual abuse allegations
  • Premises liability
  • General liability

At Declues, Burkett & Thompson, APC, our attorneys provide innovative and cost-effective legal solutions for charter schools throughout the state of California. Regardless of the size or legal need of the school or group of schools, we craft innovative strategies for protecting charter schools.

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