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What World Cup reporters can teach us about workplace harassment

The United States is still catching up to the rest of the world in regards to World Cup fever, but hopefully the sexist behavior of some soccer fans will never make the transition. Twice while covering events for the 2018 World Cup, female reporters have been harassed on camera by fans who wanted to kiss them. The two responded remarkably different, yet it clear in both cases that these women have been harassed as they were trying to do their job and they not happy about it.

California Supreme Court adopts new ruling on contractors

The gig economy is certainly a major part of the employment landscape here in California and elsewhere. It is certainly an economical way for companies to bring in workers without the rules governing employment law. There has been some confusion in recent years over rules determining whether workers are independent contractors or employees. This has led to misunderstandings by both companies and workers.

Businesses Can Take Steps To Eliminate Workplace Bias

There have been many moments in recent years where race and gender biases become hot-button topics. Yet despite the good intentions of many employers and managers, unconscious biases at work mean that white men and still more likely to be hired, promoted and well-compensated than equally deserving employees who are women or racial minorities.

Employers must heed California’s whistleblower laws

Whistleblowers and employers often have a contentious relationship. Although whistleblowers raise important concerns about workplace issues, it is sometimes to the detriment of the employer. But employers should not necessarily feel antipathy toward whistleblowers. Employees who alert regulatory agencies, law enforcement or the public to legal violations in the workplace are performing a much-needed service.

Employment discrimination lawsuits are rising

Most employers work hard to create an atmosphere in which all employees feel welcome, productive and safe. Still, there are situations in which an employee may experience workplace discrimination. In these scenarios, it is up to the employer to act quickly in order to substantiate the employee’s allegations, rectify the situation and prevent it from happening again.

Fostering a good work environment can be important in retaining talent

A small business can be greatly impacted by the quality of its workforce. So, when a small business draws in hardworking and talented workers, retaining these employees can be a high priority for the company’s owners.

Creating an environment where employees feel free to speak up

It can be very important for small businesses that their employees feel comfortable reporting potential problems to the company. This includes things like suspected incidents of sexual harassment or discrimination. Getting prompt reports of such problems from workers could help a small business become aware of such problems sooner. This, in turn, could allow it to take actions to respond to the problems sooner. The longer potential problems in the workplace go unaddressed, the more time they have to grow in severity and lead to incidents could potentially result in a company facing things such as costly employment litigation.

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