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Prescription drug abuse and the workplace

Prescription drug abuse, such as the abuse of prescription opioids, is a major issue here in the United States. The impacts of this problem can be felt in many different places. This includes the workplace. Recently, the National Safety Council released the results of a survey regarding prescription drug abuse and the workplace. The survey was of businesses.

Bill would put new requirements on companies looking to hire

Businesses sometimes bring temporary workers onto their staff. There are a range of different reasons an employer may have for wanting to make such hires. When a business is hiring short-term workers, whatever its reasons and goals for doing so, it can be extremely important for it to give proper attention to legal matters. There are various rules covering the hiring of workers, including temporary workers, here in California. When a business in the state is accused of not complying with these rules when it comes to temporary hires, it could end up facing potentially costly litigation. Skilled business law attorneys can give California businesses legal guidance when it comes to issues and disputes related to hiring short-term workers.

Workplace disability bias complaints up again in the U.S.

It can be crucial for businesses to act properly when it comes to their employment policies. Among the policies that can be very impactful for a company are the ones it has regarding workers with disabilities. This includes its policies regarding accommodating such workers. It also includes what rules it has for protecting such workers from discrimination.

Sexual harassment training requirements here in California

Employers here in California are subject to many different rules and requirements when it comes to the issue of sexual harassment. Some of these come from federal law, while others come from the state. Here in California, one state-level requirement that is present is the sexual harassment prevention training requirement.

Does your company have an employee handbook? Here's why your answer should be yes.

The New Year has begun. Just as people are setting resolutions to improve and succeed this year, so too should small to medium sized businesses. If your company does not have an employee handbook, your New Year's resolution should include creating one!

Minimum wage upped in California

The start of a new year can bring about many changes. This is the case both for individuals and businesses. One change that the start of 2017 has brought about for businesses in a number of states is an increase in the minimum wage employers are allowed to pay workers.

Preventing wrongful termination lawsuits

As a small business owner, you realize your employees are your most important asset. Part of managing a business is having to terminate employees from time to time. There are many business reasons to terminate an employee. Small business owners and managers need to be aware of the legal reasons to terminate an employee, and do so in a way that minimizes the risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit.

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