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How hard is it to get a business loan in California?

One option for injecting money into one’s business is to get a business loan. However, it can be challenging getting approved for such a loan. A recent Biz2Credit study indicates a couple of things about the likelihood of being approved for a business loan here in California.

The importance of avoiding invoice mistakes

One very common activity for small businesses is sending out invoices in relation to goods or services provided to customers. It is important for companies to not let how common this activity is lead them to be complacent when it comes to their invoicing practices. Impactful mistakes can be made when a small business owner gives insufficient attention to these activities.

Interactions with other companies

Businesses do not operate in a vacuum. Rather, for most companies, there are all kinds of other businesses operating within their geographic area and within their company’s industry (or in connected or similar industries). A company’s interactions with these other businesses could have considerable impacts.

Customer service mishaps can turn into big problems for a business

It is crucial for companies to give close attention to customer service. There are various customer service mistakes it can be very important for businesses to steer clear of. A recent Small Business Trends article pointed out some, including: treating customer service interactions like an argument to be won, being hard for customers to get in contact with, taking too long to respond to customer inquires/concerns and not giving employees proper training on customer service.

Do online reviews matter?

Online customer reviews can pop up in connection to all different kinds of businesses. Do what kinds of reviews customers have posted about it really matter for a business? A recent survey points to the answer being a resounding yes. The survey suggests that many customers put a good deal of trust in online reviews and that such reviews can impact the level of trust customers have in a company.

When disputes come up within a business

Disputes with outside parties are not the only disputes that could come up for a business. Sometimes, business disputes arise internally. Disputes among a business’ owners, shareholders or partners can take many different forms and could touch on a wide range of issues. See this page of our website for a list of some of the internal conflicts that can happen in companies.

The importance of credit score for small businesses

The list of things small business owners regularly keep informed of when it comes to their business is a long one. However, there are some important pieces of information that it is rather common for such owners to let slip through the cracks. A recent survey indicates that one such piece of information is business credit score.

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